2016 Senior International silver medalists




The members of Spotlight are longtime friends and have sung in many championship groups through the years. In 2014, they decided to form a new group with the idea of competing in the International Seniors Division and have the fun of ringing chords, entertaining audiences and creating great memories together. They are all members of the Singing Buckeyes Barbershop Chorus in Columbus.


TENOR: The high notes are sung by Gary Wulf. He is a retired school teacher from Upper Arlington. Gary has directed, coached and judged barbershop music for over 40 years. Three district championships and several senior medals later, he still has fun performing with friends and his two sons and two grandsons.


LEAD: Don Pullins sings the melody with the warm rich voice that we all love to hear and harmonize to as well. He is a property warehouse manager in the Columbus area and a longtime praise leader in his church. Don has earned several medals in the Seniors International competition.

BASS: The rich low tones belong to Dave Kindinger. Dave is a retired school administrator from the Columbus Public Schools and proudly wears a gold medal that he earned with the International Champions, Jokers Wild. He also has several district and senior medals to his credit.


BARITONE: A great quartet must have a wonderful baritone and Dr. Matthew Bridger fills that role for Spotlight. Matt has earned two JAD titles as well as two Senior International medals. He currently cares for his patients at Ohio Health in Columbus.

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