Got Questions?

Here are a number of frequently-asked questions that we get:


Who are we?

The Singing Buckeyes are a men's a capella singing organization.  We belong to the Barbershop Haromony Society (BHS), which is an international organization of barbershop style singers.  The Buckeyes are a non-profit organization and belong to the Columbus Foundation.  Our charity work goes to supporting music and specifically harmony singing in the schools.


How much personal time will it take?

In addition to weekly rehearsals throughout the year, we typically perform on 3-4 shows a year and 1 or 2 contests.  We tend to perform in and around our area but will travel around the state to locations like Lakeside up on Lake Erie or to local festivals, business events, and charitable events.


How do I become a member?

All incoming members must attend a minimum of three rehearsals, pass a singing and performance audition, and pay their annual dues which are outlined below.


What requirements are in the audition?

You will pick up an audition sheet from the membership chairman. It has several steps, which include matching pitches, singing the melody of a familiar song, singing a harmony part to "My Wild Irish Rose," and demonstrating facial expressions. We'll help you along the way with learning tapes and private instruction if necessary. You may audition as often as needed, and the session is held in private.   


Why should I become a member?

You owe it to yourself to have a fun night out with the guys. There is something special about the friendships developed with men who love to make music. you can't put a price on the benefits attained by being in this wonderful fraternity of men. The Singing Buckeyes would welcome you to enrich your life with music and fellowship.


Do I have to be a great singer?

No.  We work to help educate men to become better singers.  You need some basics but most men have what it takes if they just give it a try.


How do I learn the songs?

We have learning music that you can download from our members section of the website and play in your car.  It has your part predominant to make learning easy for you.  Some of our members are good sight-readers, but 90% of our guys learn from these learning tracks. 


What is the commitment?

We are a chorus who strives to perform at the highest level possible; therefore, we work hard at perfecting our singing skills.  Rehearsals are held each Tues. from 7:00-10:00 PM at Advent Lutheran Church, in Upper Arlington.  The chapter feels that a 75% attendance rate is necessary during contest preparation.  However a member may take a leave of absence during the year, as their schedule permits, without losing membership.  We feel like once you won't stop!


What is the financial commitment

Considering the costs of most hobbies, singing is quite a bargain. We try to raise money during the year with several performances to help meet our expenses. The annual dues are under $150...that's less than $3.00 per week for singing lessons and great fellowship.  Seniors and students get discounts. The chorus does require you to have your own formal wear and casual wear, but there are discounts available to help limit the cost of that.  We occasionally also travel for contests and conventions.  


Here is a document highlighting what the BHS Society provides for it's dues:





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