Kroger Community Rewards Program 

This is a fund-raiser for our chapter (and for many not-for-profit organizations). This great program allows you to support our chapter just by shopping at Kroger and making your usual everyday purchases!  



You just have to register your Kroger Plus card and everytime it is scanned, Kroger will send us a small portion of their proceeds.  How easy it that?  So, if you regularly shop at Kroger, and do not now have one, please obtain a Kroger Plus card. These are available at the service counter at any Kroger store, and are free. Typically, you receive both a plastic card of credit card size, and also a smaller card which will fit on a key chain or ring.



Then, go out to the following website:


Once there, you can create an online account and register that account with our chapter's rewards ID #: QF964


For your purchases to be credited toward our chapter rebates, it is necessary that you register the card. So don't forget to do that!  


Happy shopping and thanks for your support. 


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